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About John Chen

A graduate of the prestigious National Taiwan Normal University of Fine Arts, John Chen was born (1939) and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.  John served as the Chief of the Fine Arts Department at a well-known conservatory for ten years before deciding to explore the world.  His first destination in the Western Hemisphere was Costa Rica, where he painted and explored for several years.  While there, he exhibited in his first One Man Show.  In 1980, his journey led him to the United States to continue his artistic development and raise his family.  In his first show the year he arrived, he earned the "Best in Show" award at the Plantation Art Show.  

OO-Siang Art

Literally, it means "formless art".  Originated from "concept and form", "concept without form", "conceptless with form", and "conceptless and formless".  It is different from "abstract art"...  Its ultimate goal is the combination and balance of Yin and Yan, Harmony between Nature and Human Beings.    

John follows this philosophy, using Chinese ink-wash, acrylic, and oil on handmade rice paper, using traditional and contemporary techniques.   


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